In The News: Rachel Makes Prediction about Ecofashion for 2015

By Rachel Kibbe

featured: Rachel Kibbe, photo by Alden Wicker from EcoCult

Source Ecouterre 

37 Ethical fashion specialists made predictions for Ecouterre about what would happen in our ecofashion world in 2015.  Here is Rachel Kibbe,  HELPSY's founder's, prediction:

In 2015 I'm really hopeful for advancements in new eco-friendly textile technologies and research.

A story that really stuck with me this year was of plastic microfibers from fabrics being a main source of plastic pollution in the ocean.Since I'm a big skier and beach person, I am a big user of activewear and feel terrible about the impact of these materials on the environment.

I'm hoping this will be a year of advancements in textiles for performance-wear that are not just made out of recycled materials, but also biodegradable. This is going to take a ton of scientific research and I'm hopeful we'll see some progress in these fields.

It seems companies like Patagonia and Nike are positioned to give weight to and spearhead this research, although I know they've been reluctant thus far.

I'm sort of positively projecting that they'll change their positions and start getting behind this.

Fingers crossed.

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