The 13 'HELPSY QUALITIES', Part 1: 'Made in Small Quantities' Defined

By Rachel Kibbe


Simon + Krull Ursa I



Simon + Krull Ursa I Backpack 

This is the first entry in a series where we describe in more detail, what the 13 ethical fashion qualities we call ‘HELPSY Qualities’ actually mean because we thought this could be helpful in guiding you to Every item on the HELPSY site, in order to be considered ethical fashion, must fall under at least four or the 13 Qualities.

We start from the bottom because that how we do, yo, with ‘Made in Small Quantities’. This category includes clothing and accessories made in low volume and small runs.  So much of the problem with the fashion industry today lies in it's dependency on keeping us, the consumer, in a hamster wheel of chasing what’s trendy for cheaper and cheaper. The increasingly large volume of clothing produced every season, especially by mass market chains, are sold cheaper than they should be,  destined to fall apart. This cylce fills landfills, robs customers of their dollars, and  short changes the workers who make the items, destroying our environment, and hurting all of us. Fashion designers who produce their collections made to order, handmade, season-less or fewer seasons than in the fashion calendar, and work with factories who produce small runs are included in the “Made In Small Quantities” Ethical Fashion Quality category.



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