Got Some Cash For Christmas? Let Aoko Su Help you Spend it

By Rachel Kibbe

by Daniela Tijerina

It’s gift-giving season and what’s better than the gift of jewelry - am I right, ladies and trannies and everyone in between? Because American jewelry designer, Ashley Jerman, has created just the gem for you. With a new collection for the spring/summer 2015 season on its way, we stopped to chat with Ashley about what inspires her and why you should be asking for a neck cuff this holiday season.

What first drew you to the art of jewelry making?
I remember making jewelry pieces made of real flowers and leaves as a teen. The appeal of temporary curated wear really struck me.

You started your jewelry brand - Aoko Su - in the fall of 2012, otherwise known as the Libra golden season. What significance does this time of year hold?
This time of year is crisp, honest, telling. Fall brings golden hues that stimulate my creative endeavors. I feel most alive during this time, at balance, if you will. 
Since you are originally from Montana, what inspired you to move to New York City and how has that contributed to your "contemporary urban aesthetic"? 
Actually, I'm from Indianapolis. I moved to Montana in my early twenties. New York has always been a special place for my family and I. I've lived there a few times. I go back and forth between the east and the west because I love celebrating both types of living. Montana and New York are quite parallel, from the raw attitude that covers the cityscape to the smoky quartz that we find in the peaks of Lolo Mountain here in Montana. My aesthetic derives from these experiences.
At what point in the creation of Aoko Su, did you begin to consider and implement sustainable practices?
Starting a business means starting from the ground up. Sustainable practices have always been part of my business. Geology, minerals, recycled metals and materials have always made sense for me to use in my designs.
You have described jewelry as a sort of sacrament - what sentiment or personal experience inspired this comparison?
I'm a sentimental gal in everything I do. 
What does Aoko Su mean and why did you choose to name your company this? 
The meaning of AOKO SU is the sound heard when spoken and the letters seen when read. The essence of AOKO SU lies in the name itself. It's round on the tongue and sharp to the ear. 
If you had to choose a single, must have piece from your most recent collection - S/S 15 - what would it be and why? 
The Two Rivers Neck Cuff because it's minimal, it can be worn multiple ways, it's modern yet classic and it's a statement piece. 


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