Spotlight On The Deux Moi Gals

By Rachel Kibbe

Sometimes it's tough to find a website that's honest, to the point along with entertaining and sexy, but Deux Moi nails it.The fierce, and fiercely candid, fashion and lifestyle website makes reading about the fashion world not just sexy but sassy and sort of self-effacing which, let's face it, the fashion world could use more of! Part of the reason the founders are able to be so to the point, shall we say, is that they're anonymous. What we can tell you is that they're veteran fashion industry insiders, a stylist & fashion designer duo.  They launched the site as a way to openly talk about things they're passionate about -- including fashion, beauty, people, places, and, in their own words, "anything we think is dope". Amen!

Deux Moi, meaning "two me" is a phrase they made up as a nod to their anonymous monikers. They write stories in their own voice, minus any sort of sugar coating. Describing their style as  "urban chic," some of the things they love include: Bergorf's, Balenciaga and Blunts, Hermes & hot sauce, Kate Moss & kale. Outspoken champions of entrepreneurs (especially females) and anyone who keeps it real. Also, the Deux Moi Instagram is  off the chain and we suggest you check it out. They'd also like to stress that they are NOT a blog. :)

Here are some of their favorite items from HELPSY: 


Aoko Su Cat Collar

Aoko Su Dagger Earrings


Aoko Su Diet Socks

Mullein & Sparrow Dry Shampoo

Rikya Grace Leggings

Dirty GRL Smooches Vegan Soap


1964 Threads Twigg-e  Tank

Indego Africa Ukore Triangle Pillow

Simon&Krull Pyxis Bag


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