By Daniela Tijerina


Over on First Avenue Nina Egli, head designer of Family Affairs, took a plunge off the deep end and into a Mermaid themed party to celebrate the launch of her new Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Shoppers and friends alike gathered at The Deep End Club this fashion week on September 9, to catch a first look at Egli’s newest collection, “Milk and Honey.”  

The transatlantic brand, Family Affairs – based in both Switzerland and New York -- is in fact an actual family affair with the design team comprised of mother daughter duo Kaya and Nina Egli. Using their individual abilities and experiences in the fashion industry, they collaborate on this new endeavor. Kaya,  once the in house designer for The Beatles’ iconic Apple Shop, now designs the patters for the line. While Nina, who has a background in jewelry design, currently works on other aspects of the line such as creating prints and picking fabrics.

 “Everything I know I learned from my mom,” said Nina Egli. “It’s not always easy working with family but we never hold back and it works for the best.”

The Egli’s latest Fall/Winter 2014 collection is aptly named “Milk and Honey,” after the lush fabrics and whimsical prints present in each piece. Nina hand drew each print, sketching what she called mermaid inspired alchemy symbols, adorned with algae and shells. Placing these prints on fabrics like wool and silk, they came to life in the form of various pieces from a body suit to a blouse.

 “Even as I grow up and mature, I still think that I have maintained an element of playfulness throughout my line,” said Nina. “It’s important to have fun.”

Having fun is exactly what Nina set out to do at her mermaid party. Hosted by The Deep End Club owner, Tennessee Thomas, who carries the line and describes Family Affairs as a perfect match for her shop. With Nina’s boyfriend, Marco, acting as bartender and serving under the sea inspired drinks and cupcakes, good vibes abounded. The store was crowded with an influx of partygoers showing support by means of shopping and Nina could be seen not only sporting  a “Milk and Honey” dress but also a smile and sense of pride. 

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