John Oliver Condemns Fast Fashion. Great, So Now What?

By Rachel Kibbe

As many of you know over the weekend John Oliver used his platform to condemn fast fashion and $25 dresses, naming the Gap and Forever21 as culprits. Amen! Yes! Finally! Glad the media is finally catching up!

But we at HELPSY, and you who follow us, have known this for years. I just wish the media would also use their platforms to speak more about  alternatives to the current fashion industry, like HELPSY.  We've been in the trenches educating and offering solutions, and we've been trying to speak with many of these same news large news outlets for the entire time.  Now that they finally recognize the issues, they are only presenting the issue and not the solutions, which is about 50% real news coverage!  AmIRight? Otherwise it's sensationalist and pretty hollow journalism. #ItsNotJustStella Call me, John Oliver!  Or drop me an email., we've been waiting.


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