Warning: Very Disturbing. Breaking video content of Walmart's Cruelty to Animals

By Rachel Kibbe

I couldn't watch the whole thing all the way through but I guarantee Walmart isn't the only company treating animals this way and it's probably more common than uncommon.  Please stop eating meat, guys, and if you do please make sure it's only of the free range variety, every time. Don't be lenient about it. Don't eat any meat that you don't know exactly where it came from directly. That's why I stopped eating animal products all together;  I found it was just too difficult to always know where things were coming from. Animals feel everything we do: loss, love, attachment, grief, happiness, depression, joy. Can you imagine living your entire life being beaten like these pigs who are obviously in a constant state of terror, screaming and crying in despair?

Please take action and sign and share this petition.

via Mercy For Animals



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