Young Guns: Sophia Jaramillo, K-Pop Fan and LGBT Community Ally

By Rachel Kibbe

Young Guns: Sophia Jaramillo,  K-Pop Fan and LGBT Community Ally

Full Name: Sophia Jaramillo

Age: 15

Where /If you go to school: John Burroughs High School

Tell us a little about yourself – where do you live, where did you grow up, what do you do? Are you in school? If so what are you studying or what did you study when you were in school?

I grew up and currently live in Los Angeles. I love to draw and make things, watch Korean Dramas and listen to all kinds of music. I also love hanging out with my dog Tilly. I'm in high school and hoping to study art in college!

How would you describe yourself to someone who had never met you but had to buy you clothes?

I'm really into Adidas clothing and cool jackets. Basically a classy and cute style with a hint of sportiness, complete with cute necklaces, pastel colors and turtle/mock neck anything is me.

Who is your favorite artist and why?

 My favorite artists are Frida Kahlo and Claude Monet. I don't really look into art history when I probably should, but I'm also inspired by artists on Instagram as well. I really appreciate these artists because of the way they are able to execute their art and their creativity.

Do you call yourself and activist? What is the cause you feel most passionately about?

I wouldn't call myself an activist but I am definitely a firm believer in LGBT rights. It is such a true statement that everyone needs to be appreciated for who they are. Come as you are.

Who are your favorite Instagram accounts?

Such a broad question! My favorite Instagram accounts are @beanparty, @isabizzy, @sweetcartilage, and so many more .....

What’s your “aesthetic” – that overused term that is really funny when a person actually tries to answer the question. It can be a list of things that pop into your head that comprise ‘you’.

My aesthetic is literally pink princess. I love glittery rainbows, anything pink, hearts, ooey gooey love stuff. I really love the Asian culture and sushi, and ROSES. ANYTHING ROSE RELATED. Roses, daggers, romance, the color pink – a real life princess. I'm basically like the new The 1975 album in a small teenage girl. 

If you were to pick 3 things from our site to get, what would they be?

I would love to have the Over It PatchSolo Jazz Cup Planter, and the Pink Skull Piggy Bank. I'm totally in love with everything you guys have!

If you were going to make me a mix tape , list 5-10 songs you’d put on it?

Don't judge me for putting K-POP in this mix. It's great.

  1. 만세 Mansae – SEVENTEEN
  2. UGH! – The 1975
  3. Kidnap Me – CRUISR
  5. Hypocrite – Cage the Elephant
  6. Blue – Marina and The Diamonds
  7. Reckless Serenade – Arctic Monkeys
  8. A – GOT7
  9. Joanna – Little Comets
  10. 2학년 So 4 More – BTS

Find Sophia's Mix Tape on HELPSY's new Spotify Channel! (minus a few of the K-Pop songs that weren't on Spotify).



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