The Ethical Fashion World Isn't Always Nice.

By Rachel Kibbe

The Ethical Fashion World Isn't Always Nice.


I thought we would share with you the text from an Instagram post we put up today because sometimes shit gets real. And sometimes it gets real mean. Even in the ethical fashion world. Last month we received a barrage of hate from the 'internet' including accusations ranging from being called animal abusers to 'fucking nazis'. All because one Austrian eco lifestyle blogger wanted to make some stuff up about us that wasn't true.  We aren't naming this person because we don't want to give their site traffic. Also, who cares who it is, karma will take care of that.

The point is don't be mean. Christmas Day I should NOT have had to spend my time fielding and blocking all sort of nasty threats and notes, blocking people from our accounts, because one girl with a very angry and misinformed internet following wanted to make some stuff up about us. And today I received another nasty note from the blogger herself. One of many. So we are finally responding.


CRAZY STORY: We're getting "internet bullied" by a certain Austrian blogger who is saying we support animal cruelty and censorship bc we posted a video of bunnies in cups, that they clearly loved being in and could get out of (?!) We have had to block this person and all the people she has trolling us from all internet channels.

FYI: Amber Rose is us. This blogger is the sad chic in the robe TAKING A WALK. Because we don't tolerate dumb ass drama that's not true.

We love animals and people and only fight for good. And when it comes to people saying negative things that AREN'T true about us, to hurt a tiny company (we are 2 people not earning any money from this yet), yes we will block you. We will block everyone who attacks us for something untrue. Our prerogative. It's not "censorship," it's our right. In the words of Sheree Whitfield: WHO GONNA CHECK ME BOO. And in the words of Nene Leakes: BLOOP.

Yo people: GO FIGHT REAL ANIMAL ABUSE -- IT IS EVERYWHERE, IT'S HORRIFIC & IT'S SCARY. You'd think that people in the "ethical fashion world" would be really great people, but they're just the same as everyone everywhere, some are pretty evil and others are spectacular.

** If you really want to spend your time and energy fighting REAL animal abuse -- donate time and money to supporting a great organization who fights against ACTUAL animal cruelty. Checkout Mercy For Animals, who are in our opinions one of the best. They will also let you know who is ACTUALLY abusing animals and how you can help. We'd ALSO like to say you can start by keeping them off your plates and your backs. Then go to your local animal shelter and save a few.**




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