This Video Is Literally Everything

By Rachel Kibbe

This Video Is Literally Everything

The extreme lengths people will go to live "a healthy lifestyle" these days can be funny. Maybe even more than funny. Maybe also a little scary, weird, pretentious and #firstworldproblems-ish too. Let's face it. First hand I can tell you, as a vegan and an owner of a Vitamix (a blender that could chop concrete, with the price tag to prove it) the first world struggle is real. 

In the below video, Jarrett Sleeper, a bearded dude who is inexplicably shirtless, in uggs, wearing a winter jacket and his pajama bottoms (?), does an off the cuff parody of this amazing story from There are improvised yoga (?) moves to boot. It is pure comedic genius and basically nails everything that's scary, funny, and costly about our cultural obsession with health and wellness. Also, we love Elle, Moon Juice, Amanda Chantal Bacon, and all of these ingredients mentioned, even the ones we haven't tried yet or can as charged. 



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