Our Cromance With The Sexy Couple Behind 'Sticks & Stones Agency'

By Rachel Kibbe

Our Cromance With The Sexy Couple Behind 'Sticks & Stones Agency'


 Photos: Freyee Photo, Makeup: Miranda Emblem


There are certain people that just have an 'it' factor. Sometimes we call them 'girlcrushes', sometimes a 'bromance'. But what's the word for a couple crush. Like a couple you want to tag along with like a 3rd wheel for the rest of your life? Cromance?

Well that's what we have. We're having a Cromance with Ainsely and Sebastien, the Aussie creatives behind, who have made it their living to photograph stylish hot people, and be photographed themselves, because they are also stylish and super hot. With super unique and defined punk aesthetics, an Instagram presence that's off the chain, and a Sid and Nancy, but way more loving and healthy vibe, we had to get to know them more.

Full Names: Ainsley Hutchence & Sebastien Fougere

Ages: Ains 32 in May, Sebastien 39 in August.

How did you two meet?

One day a new barista started working at the cafe I used to go to every day. His name was/is Sebastien & he was/is the hottest man on the planet. 

When someone asks you what you “do” what do you say?

I usually hesitate & fumble for about 30 seconds while I figure out the best way to word it and then end up just showing them my Instagram... @sticks_and_stones_agency :) If I was better at stringing sentences together I would say we ran a website called SS mothership (sticksandstonesagency.com) which is a platform we use to introduce readers to awesome creatives doing what they love and doing it well. We also dress & photograph hot people a lot.

 How did you start working together in an artistic capacity?

We met, fell in love, moved in together & started a clothing brand all within a few weeks. Our label eventually turned into a fashion agency called Sticks & Stones Agency. We looked after the sales for 12 other brands as well as our own. Eventually we realized our label was a piece of shit so stopped doing that. Instead we started shooting because we needed more content for our Instagram account that was quickly gaining followers. This eventually turned into a blog & now the SS mothership & we have quit selling clothes.

What are your backgrounds, respectively? Where did you grow up, what’s your education in?

Sebastien was born in Montreal and grew up in Calgary, Canada. He did a mix of home school and Christian private school. He started out his life as a Christian missionary and got married at 20 years old as a Christian virgin. He stayed married for 10 years & he has 2 beautiful kids with his ex called Max (14) & Izzy (12).

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Australia which is now where we all live. I did 12 years at a Christian private school and dabbled in fashion and interior design, but mostly just travelled and got drunk until I fell pregnant with my now 9 year old girl, Ula. 

What are the talents and skills you each bring to your work, that the other may not have?  Where do you fill in each other’s gaps.

Sebastien is an analogue guy living in a digital world so I do almost anything got to do with the computer... Blogging, editing, admin, bookkeeping. Sebastien does all of our art, shitty interview questions & just comes up with rad shit all the time. He also cooks for me & waits on me all day.


Favorite project you've ever worked on? Most challenging?

Favorite project (if you can call it that) would defiantly be our Vegas wedding shoot. Most challenging... I don't wanna say... The photographer had extreme cunty vibes :)

Things in the works you’re excited about and can tell us about?

We are in discussion about a possible web series... Can't say too much more about that yet though. We also have a coffee table book coming out in Oct. The book will be filled with 'Photo of the day'; a favorite photos selected from the shoots submitted to our website for each day of the year (Oct-Oct).

Favorite instagram accounts?

@thefatjewish @katzendame_alex

Favorite things to do for fun that have nothing to do with art or fashion?

Sex. Is sex art though? (only with Sebastien :)


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