8 Awesome Ethical Sock Brands

By Rachel Kibbe

8 Awesome Ethical Sock Brands


zkano socks


Based in Fort Payne, Alabama Zkano socks is a second generation company trying to keep the sock making trade alive in what used to be the sock making capital of the world. Made with low impact dyes and organic cotton, these socks support not only the environment but a once thriving US based industry that's struggling to survive. 

Boody Ankle Socks


Bamboo socks that are easy on the planet and easy on people's noses! Did you know bamboo can kill odor, keeping your socks fresh for much longer than cotton. Boody is one of our favorite brands because it uses a zero pesticide, zero irrigation, closed loop, zero waste process. All the solution used to soften the bamboo is re-used. Pretty rad. 

Pact Organic Socks


All of Pact's apparel is fair trade certified & non toxic. They partner with organizations to ensure the wellbeing of their workers and have a general attitude of decency as a company. Their socks are pretty cute too. 

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough

Made in a mill in Northfield, Vermont and guaranteed for life, these spectacular performance socks are top of the line and support US manufacturing. 

Braintree Organic Cotton Bamboo Socks


This Aussie sock from trusted sustainable sock brand Braintree is made of organic cotton, bamboo and spandex. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, temperature and moisture controlling and sustainably sourced, your tootsies will feel dry and ethically comfortable all day long. 

Soulmate Socks

Solmate Socks

Made in the USA using eco-friendly methods and carbon offsets for shipping, Soulmate Socks have been committed to fighting the good sock fight since 2000.

Rawganique Socks


Rawganique socks are P.U.R.E. They are for the no B.S., 100% environmentally friendly guy or gal who wants to support a business that has next to zero bad environmental impact. No elastic, no dyes or fabric bleaching. They make socks as they were made 200 years ago.  Made in-house from 100% organic cotton for true end-to-end eco-friendly and sweatshop free realness. Unisex for men and women.



Cariloha Socks


Cariloha specializes in all garments bamboo. Using a closed loop, eco-friendly bamboo processing system their bamboo socks are comfy, naturally moisture-wicking as well as naturally odor resistant. 





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