#NationalNoodleDay: Vegan Buffalo Ramen

By Rachel Kibbe

#NationalNoodleDay: Vegan Buffalo Ramen


Vegan Buffalo Ramen



A simple comfort meal I recently discovered through just using what was in my fridge was so delicious (and EASY) I just have to share it with you. First of all – fresh ramen is really a must for this recipe. The difference between fresh ramen noodles and the dried ones is like the difference between a blow job and a hand job (not that I know personally, but I’ve been told they’re pretty different and have always been “asked to stop” the latter but never the former).


ANYWAYS, where has fresh ramen been all my life!!!! It is SO EASY (quicker to cook than dried ramen). Keeps in the fridge for weeks and tastes like a totally more savory beast.



Fresh Ramen with seasoning

¼ cup water

Vegan Buffalo Sauce

Braggs Amino Acid

Leafy greens (like Kale or Spinach)

One quarter block extra, extra firm tofu

Servings: 1person 




Grill thinly sliced extra, extra firm tofu until light brown. Flipping occasionally. 

Season the tofu with Braggs and Buffalo sauce to your liking

Set tofu aside in big bowl you’ll eat from

Throw greens in same sauce pan on medium heat and sauté until soft

Throw the greens in the bowl with the tofu

Throw water, ramen and seasoning in same sauce pan on medium heat. Gently separate the noodles with a spatula . When noodles are heated and separated (takes no more than 5 minutes) throw them in the bowl. ENJOY!



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