💆🏾Staying Zen When Your Job Is Soul Crushing 💆🏾

By Rachel Kibbe

💆🏾Staying Zen When Your Job Is Soul Crushing 💆🏾

Written by Ditte Denisor

Maybe it’s your commute, the inconsistent hours, or your overly chatty coworkers. Maybe it’s the daunting amount of pressure you’re faced with every week and the high demands of your micromanaging boss. You’re taking on projects and tasks that have nothing to do with your job description and you’re terrified to take time off. Your job flexibility and responsibilities turned out to be a farce. You miss your home, your loved ones and your personal life. At this point you feel as if you live at your office. Weekends whizz by and Sunday nights bring on anxiety, tension and dread. Perhaps you’ve simply lost passion for a job that once felt so fulfilling and gratifying. Whatever the reason, you’re exhausted, drained, devising an exit strategy and possibly on the verge of quitting. As alluring as it seems to leave your job, this may not be a viable option. Eventually you’ll find yourself at a standstill and ultimately stuck at a job that is wearing you down to the point of resembling a frazzled, frustrated, and grumpy version of your former self.

You’re not alone in your torment. USNews.com reports that 1 in 3 workers across the world are unhappy with their work-life balance, while 67% of human resource managers are under the false impression that employees are content with their work-life balance. The Gallup poll reports that a mere 32.7% employees in the United States feel engaged at their jobs.The disconnect is clear- employers aren’t doing enough by their employees and employees feel too invalid and disengaged in their positions to speak up about their discontent. An interested, enthusiastic employee is a valuable employee. This is the employee that wants to contribute. If an employee isn’t particularly excited about their position, chances are you’ll never hear what they have to say.

All hope is not lost. There is a solution to this despairing rut. You may not be able to jump ship and find a new job, but you can make the best of a soul crushing situation. The very first rule of surviving any unbearable situation- whether it be your job or any stressful circumstance- is to regain control and make yourself a priority. If you allow yourself to let your own needs fall by the wayside you will inevitably burn out. If you’ve convinced yourself that the needs of your boss or company come before your own needs you can abandon that mode of dangerous thinking right this minute. Right now, right here in this moment you can decide to recommit to yourself. This may be the hardest step, but it’s the most necessary step you’ll take. If you’re not willing to commit to yourself and acknowledge that you deserve to be a priority in your own life, you’ll remain on an exhausting ferris wheel. It’s nearly impossible to find balance and serenity without recognizing the sacrifices that we’re willing to make at the expense of our well being. How do you recommit to yourself? By actively making the decision to show up for yourself. We recommit to ourselves when we consciously decide that our well being in more important than anything having to do with how we make a living. We recommit to ourselves when we take pleasure in being generous and giving to ourselves.

This column is going to help you step off the ferris wheel and step into your life. Over the next few months I’ll discuss a number of simple, practical and totally doable ways to reclaim your sanity and restore your zen in and out of the office. Are you ready to recommit to you?

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