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Natural Detoxifying Skin Brush, Wood and Boar Bristle

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Skin brushing has tons of benefits ranging from cellulite reduction, to stimulating the lymphatic system, to exfoliating and unclogging pores. The deep exfoliation skin brushing provides helps your skin to absorb oils and lotions better so that they're more effective!

Plus, it just feels awesome.

This all natural wood and boar bristle brush fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and will become a necessary part of your beauty rituals.

For best results, twice a day is recommended, for 30 days to see best results.


In upward motions, brush the length of your body, starting with the legs and moving towards the arms. Going over each area 2-3 times.

You'll own this sturdy brush forever. If you're into zero waste living this is an essential body product. You can stop spending money on body exfoliants, saving your pocketbook and the planet!

Shipping: Ships from China - can take 3-6 weeks

HELPSY Qualities:

Eco-friendly Materials

Non-disposable + Well Made

Eco-friendly Design Production