Aoko Su

Aoko Su Jewelry

AOKO SU is an American-made jewelry brand started by designer, Ashley Jerman in the Fall of 2012 // Libra golden season. Inspired by modern architecture, ancient culture in the Americas, and the designer's contemporary urban aesthetic. Ashley started drawing creative inspiration from her surroundings in Missoula, Montana where she moved from New York in 2005; eliciting a deeper exploration in her craft. The pristine, glassy lakes found high in the mountains + the craggy terrain are much like the juxtaposition of fine, faceted precious stones and exposed, raw natural materials that Ashley uses in her work. Some save china + silver for  special affairs; Ashley remembers her great grandmother using her finest china and silver cutlery for all types of occasions, whether it was playing cards or drinking sun tea on the back porch. This is how we think about  jewelry. To Ashley, AOKO SU jewelry is something like a sacrament, an offering of a talisman to wear and hold sentiment near; something that’s special enough to wear everyday.