Dolores Haze

Dolores Haze is queen of the flirty '60s style dress and separates. Hints of grunge, meet kittenish charm and a mix of school uniform prep. Signature hallmarks include pleats, collars, and baby doll hems. T

The idea of knowing "who made your clothes" is extremely important to this NYC based brand. All factory workers work under US fair labor regulations and receive health insurance. The factory they work with is owned by a single mother, who moved to the US with only a middle school education and started her own company. Many workers in NYC's garment district are paid by how many garments the sew in a given day; they are not full time employees and do not receive health care benefits. Because Dolores' factory workers are paid hourly, all of their handmade garments are well-made and sewed with care, as the seamstresses do not need to quickly sew as many garments as possibly to earn a livable wage. 

Dolores Haze sources their fabrics domestically, purchasing fabric from a small business owner who moved from a former colony to pursue a better life for their family. Working in small  production quantities each season, they offer several limited edition pieces made of vintage dead-stock fabric that is sourced locally. Using vintage dead-stock fabric allows them to produce garments without a carbon foot print or environmentally harmful dyes.