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HELPSY x LEVO: Paraphernalia That’s Cute AF

By Rachel Kibbe

HELPSY x LEVO: Paraphernalia That’s Cute AF

This piece is the first in a series on cannabis by Olivia Harris, the Chief Creative Officer at LEVOPrior to LEVO, Olivia founded OH Creative + Co., focusing on brand strategy & creative direction for emerging designers. She is on a constant quest for the newest + coolest.


With the increasing footprint of legalization of Marijuana throughout the states, weed paraphernalia is quickly becoming very design-y. Move over Dancing Bears and dreadlocks, garish neon weed leaves and rudimentary metal and glass pieces, these new instruments are C.H.I.C. No matter your propensity for partaking of the herb, these new pieces are visually worthy of a place on your mantle or even as an accessory to an outfit. - Rachel Kibbe 



Summerland Ceramics

Bongs get a serious upgrade with these pieces by Cali based Summerland Ceramics. I’ve been keeping an eye on them since their first release- a line of sleek, clean pieces that are perfect coffee table swag. Their new artist series takes it to the next level- you can buy one of-a-kind pieces by various artists as part of their “Slow Moves” collection for $350/a pop. It’s hard to pick favorites but I’m currently lusting after their Maxell Holyoke-Hirsch “Chongo” Bong, with a very au courant abstract pattern.




So my usual travel method (a crumpled Ziploc bag, possibly sealed with a hair tie and packed into my makeup pouch, LOL) was ready for an upgrade. ASCHE to the rescue- classy leather pouches with a scent blocking, snap in lining for your goodies. Remember that episode of Broad City where she travels with her stash….up there? Let’s find a better way, ya’ll. ASCHE pouches come in several sizes and colors and are made in NYC (holler!).

Van der PopVan Der Pop

Van der Pop

I’ve been keeping an eye on Van der Pop for quite some time and have been excited to see them expand their offering from jars to rolling papers to bags and accessories. Their fashionable founder, April Pride, has perfected the stash jar, using German Miron violet glass, which allows non-harmful UV rays to enter and enhance your bud, perfecting the humidity level and keeping the goods fresh for up to a year. Plus they come with fun different categories to organize your strains, like SEX, PARTY and SLEEP. Honorable mention to the VdP Grinder Card, an ingenious credit card look-a-like for grinding on the go.


Mister Green

Full disclosure: I want literally everything from this shop. A true lifestyle brand, they curate an incredible collection of clothing, apothecary, vintage and accessories. They’ve released some exclusive pieces by Los Angeles ceramic studio Eunbi, including this “Wake & Bake Cup” which besides being functional, is just really fucking pretty. Perfect for the minimal stoner in your life (or, you).



Ever tried making magic brownies at home? It’s a long, messy, smelly undertaking- but no longer. LEVO was founded by Chrissy Bellman, who wanted to create a simple, safe method of oil and butter infusion so people could cook with cannabis at home without the mess. With sleek touchscreen buttons, dishwasher safe components and automatic straining/filtration, LEVO is the first kitchen appliance designed for infusing with herbs (yes any herb; from cannabis to basil to lavender to vanilla). Get creative with infused body scrubs and salad dressings- there’s a world beyond brownies out there…

Crystal Pipes


Crystal Pipes

Like peanut butter and jelly, crystals and cannabis just belong together. Upgrade that dirty pipe you bought in college on St. Marks for a classier piece. These are available at a few different places, but the prettiest I’ve seen are from Tokyo Smoke, a beautiful café & shop in Toronto with shops in the US opening soon.


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