More News To Know

By Rachel Kibbe

More News To Know

  1.  Ivanka Trump’s Cothing line not in line with father’s made in USA principals,  out of step with industry trends, Washington Post

On inauguration day as Trump said, “We must follow two simple rules- buy American, hire American,” a shipping container carrying around 500 pounds of foreign-made Ivanka Trump spandex-knit blouses set sail. In addition, another 10 ships hauling Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, cardigans and leather handbags were US bound, coming from the coasts of Malta, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Yemen.

         2. Will the Apparel Industry Actually be Able to Improve Water Sustainability? Sourcing Journal Online


Global water resources are scarce and often polluted, especially in third world countries who produce the majority of our garments. The fashion industry is looking at ways they can collaborate with governments and improve this issue. Companies like Noorism are using post-consumer denim waste, one of the most water intensive textiles, to save water and spare materials from landfills. 
         3. Model Rain Dove schools Vogue about gender fluidity and how they got their recent cover with Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik all wrong,

          4. The world has made more than 9 billion tons of plastic, says new study,  CNBC

          5. Behind The Campaign To Achieve Gender Parity In Politics By 2030, HuffPost

SheShouldRun group announced 250Kby2030, a campaign which aims to achieve gender parity in politics by 2030. There are 500,000 elected positions in the U.S. ― of which women currently make up less than 25 percent. The group promotes and supports women to become leaders in their communities and run for office.


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