By Rachel Kibbe


One of the great inventions of our time...podcasts! Here are a few of our favorites that feature ethical fashion and conscious lifestyle topics. AKA podcasts for people who are 'woke'. 


1. American Fashion Podcast

These guys go in depth with all the movers and shakers in the fashion industry. Pushing them to explore, even when they aren’t in the space, the space of ethical consumption.

2. Tony Loyd

Speaks with Social Entrepreneurs about their businesses, how and why they started them. A former Fortune 500 guy, he knows the questions to ask to get highly informative answers from business owners on how they are running their businesses and what makes them tick. From how they get funding to what they

3.Spirit of 608

Lorraine Sanders hosts and produces the Spirit of 608 podcast. Featuring female founders, thought leaders and influencers in the space of social entrepreneurship and tech, she shines a light on the women who are really making this a movement. Her writing has appeared in Women's Wear Daily, the San Francisco Chronicle, Fast Company and many others.

4. Conscious Chatter

 Hosted by Kestral Jenkins, Conscious Chatter highlights the people who are changing the fashion industry for the better. Whether they’re starting businesses to promote diversity in the fashion world or fighting to eliminate waste, she talks with people who are leading the charge to further good changes in a complicated industry.

5. Very Ape

Radical and insanely talented filmmaker Sean Dunne interviews burgeoning artists and business owners from all walks of life. His relaxed and candid style brings out the best in all his guests – getting them to share with him what makes them tick in the most entertaining way. Like his documentaries and films, Dunne isn’t afraid to explore darker themes in a real life light.

6. Call Your Girlfriend

Exploring themes of what it means to be a female today, Call Your Girlfriend is not only entertaining but also hits us with the heavy convos all women should be having about what it is to be a woman today. They get some seriously notable guests on the show and after one listen, they’re probably become one of your favorites

Ethical Fashion Podcasts


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